• Mildred Pierce

    Mildred Pierce


    Living la Veda loco.

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard

    Rating based on the very (very) poorly directed first 10 minutes where the entire cast manages to get outperformed by a piece of baklava.

  • Satantango



    Watched over the course of three rainy days, I finally had the courage and the time to sit back and engulf myself in Sátántangó. Undoubtedly, a bit of chore to sit through its entire 7,5 hour stretch of bleakness in one go (one can only take a certain amount of despair especially in these times of worldwide quarantines), it’s haunting and captivating slow cinema from one of the masters.

    I watched the newly restored 4K version through Film at Lincoln Center's Vimeo On Demand.

  • Safe



    I didn't find any information on this, but Safe must have surely been an inspiration for the making of Mulholland Drive. It's so Lynchian, especially in the first half, it's uncanny. From the score to the sets and the black cars... Still, Safe is an entirely different beast and seems especially relevant these days.

  • Tigertail



    Beautifully shot yet extremely dull and bland storytelling with the most annoying monotonous score I’ve heard in a movie in a long time. Wears it’s influences on its sleeve (Edward Yang and Wong Kar-Wai) but does not come anywhere near those greats.

  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell



  • First Love

    First Love


    IFFR #22

    Apparently this is Takashi Miike’s 103rd feature. The only thing I could think about was that maaaayyybeee he should take a bit more time to develop his projects. Just a thought...

  • Moving On

    Moving On


    IFFR #21

    Love is so short
    Forgetting is long

    Won the Bright Future award for first time features at IFFR and I could see why. Subdued, honest and emotional portrait of a South Korean family dealing with loss, age, divorce, love,... Hints of Kore-eda and Edward Yang and that is a huge compliment in my book. Moving on and letting go is always the toughest...

  • Crash



    IFFR #20

    An exclusive screening of David Cronenberg's 1996 cult film Crash – with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra led by conductor Mike Schäperclaus, with Howard Shore attendance. 🙏

  • Get Duked!

    Get Duked!


    IFFR #19

    To quote The Avalanches’ 1999 hit Frontier Psychiatrist: “He’s a nut. He’s crazy in the coconut.” Ninian Doff’s debut feature is a riotous good time. So much fun actually, I momentarily forgot about some story beats that were a bit forced.

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    IFFR #18

    I guess it was okay but I’m barely half an hour out of the cinema and I’ve already forgotten what it was about. Instead, I’m just going to recommend Devil’s Candy, a very underrated underseen horror-ish film from a few years back which deals with religion and iconography in a much more interesting way. Go watch that.

  • Jallikattu



    IFFR #17

    Sensory overload, edited to shreds. Interesting but this Indian film is not for me.