Climax ★★★★★

Each time I watch this, I never cease to be amazed by the sheer brilliance of the camera movements, the colors, the authenticity of the performances, and most of all, the DANCING. But most of all, I’m still drawn to the film’s commitment to the dirtiness of the environment, the characters, and the dancing. Particularly for the characters, the line that sticks out to me is when Sofia Boutella says “God is with us.” Being a student at a Christian university, I can imagine this line would offend Christians. But I would argue that their perception of who God is is not the Christian interpretation. Their “god” is the euphoria they feel when they dance. It’s freeing and they can leave their troubles behind and just let it all out on the dance floor. Despite these characters being so different from each other, with a lot of them being really terrible people who say the nastiest stuff about others around them, they can all come together through a love of dance. Well, at least until the LSD starts hitting. When that happens, the worst in all of them starts to come out and you could say thats when “god” leaves them.

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