Dunkirk ★★★★

I feel like realism has been the latest fad in Hollywood, but most of them give the feeling of realism while not being realistic at all. It's kind of like stage makeup in plays; it's super exaggerated so that the actors look normal from the audience. For example, the Before Trilogy gives the air of a natural relationship even though no one talks like that in real life. I feel like Dunkirk is a step up from that. The minimal dialogue, the 70 mm film, the dynamic camera, and the great set/costume design all work together to create a great atmosphere. Though there were some technical difficulties with the film at the beginning, it definitely was worth it seeing in the 70 mm - it had some of the best cinematography of the year.

Overall, I had the level of enjoyment of a 4, but the technical achievements enchanting enough to boost it to a 4.5.

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