tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★½

Thinking once again about the time Aimee Mann met a newly-famous Andrew Garfield at a Hollywood party and was like "this pure, sensitive guy is gonna get fucking crushed by this bullshit blockbuster business" then wrote a devastating song about it lol

Anyway, every single character in this movie is a fucking insufferable asshole baby with main character syndrome who I cannot have any compassion for but Jonathan Larson especially sucks. Grow the fuck up, 30 Under 30 lists weren't even a thing in 1990; having a corporate job fucking sucks but people have to pay their bills, Jonathan! Not everyone has the safety net to (a) live on a part time job waiting tables and (b) then quit that job because they're a ~serious artist~ above that! Stop acting like you're a sellout asshole for choosing to pay your rent; 8 years is too long to spend on one project and surely at some point you should realize "this is not going to work"; if you cannot take rejection or fathom writing something new after your precious darling then this is not the business for you; "I'm the future of musical theater" kill me; I'm so glad I do not hang out with exhausting people like this anymore, etc. etc. etc. Jesus FUCKING Christ. BOLD move to make this hero worship-y and without any self-awareness.

Garfield good tho

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