Tenebre ★★★★

Hoop-Tober 31 Days of Halloween (Film #13)

"The impulse had become irresistible. There was only one answer to the fury that tortured him. And so he committed his first act of murder."

Dario Argento just keeps on impressing me with each film. First it was Suspiria, a visual wonderland with a vivid color pallet. Then it was Deep Red, with strong camerawork, a steady pace, and a great performance from David Hemmings. I consider Deep Red to be more of a great film that just a great slasher film. Last night it was Tenebre, with a mysterious storyline that would make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proud. I thought I had seen Argento's best films after watching Suspiria and Deep Red, but now after seeing Tenebre, I have no idea which film really is his best. Each film has at least one aspect that Argento managed to perfect. Suspiria was visual. Deep Red, the film that shows Argento is so much more than just a one trick pony. And now Tenebre, a film with a storyline that's impressive no matter what you compare it to.

Tenebre tells the story of American author Anthony Franciosa, played by Peter Neal, who travels to Rome to promote his new book Tenebrae. After arriving the police come to Anthony to let him know that a killer is using his novel as inspiration. As the story plays out with twist after twist, I honestly felt like I was watching a Sherlock Holmes film with a bunch of sensuality and gore. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire film, dying to know exactly what was going on. The way that the storyline was written, the audience is given tiny clues to try and throw you off as well as to lead you to the killer. And then the major twists in Tenebre were more exciting than I could have ever expected.

And it wasn't only the storyline that was impressive in Tenebre. Once again, the camerawork was intriguing and unique. Argento is definitely so much more than simply a genre filmmaker. He has shown talents that would be exciting no matter what genre of films he was into making.

I've always said, over and over, that I'm not a fan of horror films. I just didn't understand what people saw in them. Of course, there are a lot of horror films that I still refuse to watch because the only reason they exist is to scare me shitless. But now, after watching a few of Argento's best films, I think I may have found a subgenre that I could get into. I'm thankful to this website as well as Cinemonster and his idea for a Hoop-Tober list for pushing me to watch films that I may have never experienced. I guess you never know what you're going to enjoy until you try it. And a special shout out to Dario Argento for making me a believer in films from the horror genre. This guy definitely has a special talent and I'm glad I've finally had the chance to see what he's all about.
Total - 78%