La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

what is there to say that already hasn’t been said about this modern masterpiece. every element of this was absolutely stunning from start to end. everything from the cinematography to the choreography is done brilliantly. it gave off such a nostalgic vibe in how it played out like an early 20th century film while still feeling brand new. the music in this film was crafted wonderfully and really set the tone for this, the soundtrack is also a piece of art by itself. emma stone pleasently surprised me with her performance in this. ryan gosling’s performance in this is one of my favorites by him. their chemistry in the film worked great all throughout, and gave me a such a strong feeling of joy, which was soon followed by despair. in the end it showed us that we can’t have the things we want in life without having to give up something else, which really hits you after awhile. there is so much more praise and positive things to be given and said about this film. it’s a beautiful love story about life and the pursuit of one’s dream, that couldn’t have been made any more perfect than it already is.

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