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  • Stickfighter



    This unseen gem is amazing. I don't know how or why this vanished from cinematic history, but it's a real shame. It falls firmly into that sweet spot between legitimately solid action film and odd passion project. It's awkward in every way, and in all the right ways.

    But let's start with star and writer Kely McClung as DEA agent John Lambert. McClung is exactly what you want in this role: a guy with quality martial arts skills and a…

  • Attack of the Beast Creatures

    Attack of the Beast Creatures


    My luck with tiny monster movies has been great lately!

    Attack of the Beast Creatures is populated completely by people who only appeared in Attack of the Beast Creatures. Written, directed, edited and produced by people who only worked on Attack of the Beast Creatures. It appears to be a pure, uncut labor of love...and I love it for that.

    The story's simple. Castaways from the shipwreck Obelisk wash ashore on an island that is infested with tiny little dolls…

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  • The Maddening

    The Maddening


    I'm not sure how to process The Maddening. Parts of it are astonishingly bad. Burt's hair, for example.

    But the rest of Burt is definitely going for it as the deranged patriarch of a hovel gothic family, as is Angie Dickinson as his more gently insane wife. The pair come into possession of Mia Sara, and her daughter, as Sara travels through Florida, holding them captive as Angie unravels and Burt tries to ignore the devil on his shoulder, played…

  • The Check Is in the Mail...

    The Check Is in the Mail...


    Boomer Bitching: the Movie.

    Local pharmacist Richard Jackson just can't deal with this 1986 world. His wife, Anne Archer, is on the phone all the time! And buying dresses! The water and power company demands money for services rendered! Credit cards loan him money, and want interest! How can a man be expected to keep pissing away all his hard-earned cash, losing at blackjack on the weekends, with all of these nuisances picking at his wallet?

    So Richard decides to…

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  • Back in Action

    Back in Action


    Billy Blanks, Toronto's deadliest ex-Special Forces cab driver, is intent on saving his sister from life as a mid-level gangster's moll. A project that's, frankly, not going well. They end up at a cemetary-based drug bust that goes awry, where Roddy Piper's partner, Canadian Burt Reynolds, passes away in a hail of knife fire.

    Now Billy and Roddy must sort of... eventually... team up to bring down the villains responsible for all the murder and drugs (and illegal land yacht…

  • The Dark

    The Dark


    An aloof but horny scientist, a recently unemployed waitress, two grave excavators and Neve Campbell walk into a cemetary with Brion James in tepid pursuit. This is not the setup to a pointlessly complex joke. This is The Dark.

    Everyone's in pursuit of an evolutionary oddity, a rodent of unusual...stature lurking beneath the graveyard that could hold the key to our medical future, though it mostly just seems interested in devouring the local law.

    It's kind of a low key…