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  • Stickfighter



    This unseen gem is amazing. I don't know how or why this vanished from cinematic history, but it's a real shame. It falls firmly into that sweet spot between legitimately solid action film and odd passion project. It's awkward in every way, and in all the right ways.

    But let's start with star and writer Kely McClung as DEA agent John Lambert. McClung is exactly what you want in this role: a guy with quality martial arts skills and a…

  • Attack of the Beast Creatures

    Attack of the Beast Creatures


    My luck with tiny monster movies has been great lately!

    Attack of the Beast Creatures is populated completely by people who only appeared in Attack of the Beast Creatures. Written, directed, edited and produced by people who only worked on Attack of the Beast Creatures. It appears to be a pure, uncut labor of love...and I love it for that.

    The story's simple. Castaways from the shipwreck Obelisk wash ashore on an island that is infested with tiny little dolls…

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  • Hello How Am I

    Hello How Am I


    These 1939 Popeye shorts are a strange bunch. I don't know if they're as much fun as the earlier ones, but I have to respect the increasingly odd subject matter they tackle. And, still being Fleischer Studios, the animation is good. Though there's one section of sound recording here that seemed strangely off.

    Wimpy's latest ploy to get free hamburgers leads Popeye to confront a chilling doppelganger, staring at him with lifeless eyes and just repeating, "I'm Popeye!" until our…

  • Rural Mexico

    Rural Mexico


    James Fitzpatrick takes us through the port of Mazatlan, the bustling marketplace of Toluca and the Spanish-influenced architecture of Taxco.

    I got concerned it was going to turn into a Deodato film at one point, but fortunately we moved along to studies in commerce.

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  • Lady Avenger

    Lady Avenger


    Imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit, Maggie (Peggy McIntaggart) stages a daring escape from her brother's funeral, and begins a one-woman reign of terror on the criminals who killed her sibling and mutilated his girlfriend.

    Lady Avenger packs one or two impressive punches. There's an explosive car stunt that probably didn't go as expected, and it's a movie that doesn't always shy away from the violence its employing, for better or worse.

    Everything else is sort of terrible, but…

  • Kill Slade

    Kill Slade


    Kill Slade has a workable setup. Down-on-his-luck guy gets hired to "kidnap" a reporter, believing it's all a ruse to keep her safe from the villains when, in reality, he's been hired by the villains who intend to kill them both. The ploy is quickly discovered and the pair must evade capture while trying to expose the conspiracy which threatens their lives.

    A movie like this lives and dies on the chemistry and banter between our protagonist and his unwilling…