Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek ★★★

One could be forgiven for thinking that Hide and Seek is just a rip-off of War Games. The movie doesn't really go out of its way to avoid comparisons, particularly by including an excruciatingly similar "marks changing" scene.

While War Games does have the WOPR employing some level of artificial intelligence, I wouldn't say that Joshua's sentience is the primary focus. Hide and Seek puts the ghost in the machine front and center.

P-1, an early experiment by high school prodigy Gregory that was abandoned years ago, seeks to reunite with its creator for a project of its own. This project gets the attention of the government, led by the Canadian version of Dan Haggerty.

I liked this. It's very short, and unfortunately, doesn't really get to flesh out its world very well, but the ideas are interesting. They're quite surface, but at least there was some effort. There's a somewhat surprising heel turn toward the middle of the film, leading one character into direct conflict with a completely unrestrained AI. Making them arguably one of the stupidest characters ever recorded on film.

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