Persona 3 the Movie: #3 Falling Down

Persona 3 the Movie: #3 Falling Down ★★

“Falling Down” is a very fitting title holy shit. After I came out from the last two movies satisfied, even somewhat loving the second one, Persona 3’s third movie is a thorough butchering of the story, character arcs and pacing and I honestly cannot believe how bad it is. Sure it’s pretty to look at and I appreciate that they tried giving a shit about Makoto’s character arc but it takes up the ENTIRETY of the fucking film, extending Ryoji’s screentime to an absurd degree despite him only really mattering for one reason in the actual game. The writers are skipping past MAJOR plot beats in the game at nauseating speeds, rushing through and completely fucking ruining any believability and emotion Junpei and Chidori’s relationship had, not giving any of the characters their second Personas (except for Junpei) and also cutting their resolution scenes abysmally short (I cannot believe Akihiko’s resolution is shown as a 20 second flashback in the middle of the Kyoto trip, I just cannot). And all of this is done to prioritise a frankly confusing relationship between Ryoji and Makoto that helps strengthen Makoto’s character a lot, but it comes at the expense of the ENTIRE story. 

I’ve heard the fourth movie is a massive recovery from this one and I hope to God that it is.

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