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  • King Coal

    King Coal


    2023 Sundance Film Festival — Screening No. 2

    “I think about the paradox of pride and remorse … I learned that you can be proud of your life, and want better for them that come after you.”

    This blew me away. West Virginia is my home, and it’s not often we get to see depictions of our state like this.

    Even by making some of the choices she makes late in the film, Sheldon is showing us that this can…

  • Women Talking

    Women Talking


    Read my full review here.

    A true ensemble triumph. Everyone gets their moment to shine and takes full advantage of it.

    Went in wondering how well it would work for me knowing the setting would be mostly just in the one location, but with every challenging, emotional and meaningful piece of the conversation I just became more and more captivated by what was on screen.

    UPDATED: 2022, ranked

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  • Creed III

    Creed III


    Really impressed with Michael B. Jordan’s direction here. Had heard the interview clips of him talking about the anime inspiration for the boxing scenes, and it’s so clear and gives this installment in the franchise a bit of a renewed feel to it just because it feels like it’s speaking in a new visual language (while still feeling true to what Rocky/Creed movies have been).

    There’s a version of this where Dame is the underdog you’re pulling for. Jonathan Majors steals the movie … I still can’t believe someone can fumble the bag so poorly.

  • White Men Can't Jump

    White Men Can't Jump


    Some moments that were eye-rolling and cringe-inducing, but I won’t lie and say this didn’t have moments where I enjoyed it. A fine enough “watch while you’re doing laundry” movie.

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  • Your Place or Mine

    Your Place or Mine


    Kinda wish Netflix had locked me out of the account I share with my family before I watched this.

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    So easy to get completely lost in the sound and visuals of all of this, and those achievements help you overcome the general thinness and simplicity of the story. Performances also stood out. A lot of people have talked about *that* Nicole Kidman scene, and Alexander Skarsgard gave such a great physical performance as this cold person who has been consumed by this single desire for most of his life.

    Some incredible action direction here from Eggers, who very clearly…