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  • Star Wars
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Back to the Future
  • National Theatre Live: Present Laughter

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  • The Mysteries of Pittsburgh


  • Boston Strangler


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  • The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

    The Mysteries of Pittsburgh


    Always curious to see this adaptation of Michael Chabon’s first novel and it feels very tentative in the bisexual arena. Love the gay kiss where the heads mask the deed.   Very Melrose Place. 

    This low watt Sophie’s Choice turns into a cliched Godfather finale.  Yawn.  Jon Foster is cute in a bland Chris O’Donnell way, and Peter Sarsgaard was not as sexually dubious attractive as the indie film community circa 2008 thinks he was (see “Kinsey”).  Less said about Sienna Miller the better. 

    On Amazon Prime.

  • Boston Strangler

    Boston Strangler


    It’s no Zodiac, and there’re more suspense genre cliches than one movie can handle, but I was glad to learn about the investigation as well as the many twists and turns.  Keira Knightly was fine but just imagine if Carrie Coon was the lead.

    Not great cinema, but good enough.

Popular reviews

  • The Good Nurse

    The Good Nurse


    This is a slow burn thriller about a crime nobody wants to take responsibility for. Eddie Redmayne used to be one of my least favorite actors for a while but with the appearance of Rami Malik, I’ve grown to like (or at least accept) Eddie even when he’s in creepy mode. 

    But the heart of the film is Jessica Chastain and she is doing subtle, quiet acting here, which is a tonic after so many over the top (although enjoyable) roles.  And hoping Nnamdi Asomugha will start getting bigger parts after his good work here

  • A Man Called Otto

    A Man Called Otto


    I have no idea why this movie affected me so.  The set-up is obvious, the situation is predictable and the resolution is just plain manipulative.  And yet.  And yet, I found Tom Hanks’ commitment to the role so convincing and relatable (as much as a curmudgeon can be). 

    Although nepotism abound, I found Hanks’ son as the younger Otto and his wife’s song both effective. 

    The film is corny as all heck, and yet it was immensely watchable.

    Full review here.