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  • Mistress America

    Mistress America


    Odd little film. I can see why someone I know gave it one star and why someone I know gave it 4.5 stars.
    It's an odd little slip of a story.
    Plus side:
    GRETA GERWIG, omg. (If you're a fan.)
    Lola Kirke, of the talented and naturally gorgeous Kirke family. (One of her sisters is Jessa from Girls.)
    A very true-feeling story.
    The odd little touches Noah Baumbach writes into his films.

    Con side:
    It is a wisp of a story, at least how it's written. It's a tiny wisp of a movie. I really mean it, so don't come crying to me.

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    Just a few words.

    I think this movie is a failure. But, wow, it's a gorgeously filmed and performed failure. The road trip was magic. It was memorable. It was somehow, in all its strangeness, a classic road trip kind of movie. They could have done a movie that was just the road trip, made it very short and it would have been a fantastic movie.

    Maybe it's that Coen Brothers lousy movies can be better than other people's successes.…

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  • Begin Again

    Begin Again


    A little movie, full of love for independent art, one's own voice, relationships with family and friends, and much more. Small and rich.

    I'm always ready for a movie with Mark Ruffalo. He has such presence and intuition. The director, John Carney, who also directed Once, takes his talent to New York City, and does an excellent job. He also manages to avoid the clichés you'd expect in this category of movies. Catherine Keener is perfect, as always, and Keira…

  • New Waterford Girl

    New Waterford Girl


    You must be into little films to enjoy this. Even if you're into little films, you must be in the right mood. It takes time to let your mind slow down and match the rhythm of life in a barely-there Nova Scotia village that clings to a cliff that looks over the cold and violent North Atlantic.

    The heroine is an alienated, smart, sarcastic person who feels like an outsider in her own home and hometown. She dreams of leaving.…