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  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    To be four stars you have to watch it when you're in a Guy Ritchie kind of mood; otherwise you'll just be irritated for the first half hour, at least. After that, it's a lot of fun. Everyone was good, but, oh my, Hugh Grant. I'd like to re-watch some of his scenes.

  • GoodFellas



    For some reason, all these years The Sopranos and movies like Goodfellas sounded boring to us so we didn't watch them. We have now watched. We were wrong.

    p.s. I continue to have no idea when to call a book or movie a 5 vs a 4.5 vs a 4. Or perhaps it should be above a 5 compared to the others, but the numbers stop at 5, so what do I do then? Ask me when I've just finished and it's one score. Ask me a year later and it could be something else. My ratings are no longer ratings. They're just hints.

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  • Begin Again

    Begin Again


    A little movie, full of love for independent art, one's own voice, relationships with family and friends, and much more. Small and rich.

    I'm always ready for a movie with Mark Ruffalo. He has such presence and intuition. The director, John Carney, who also directed Once, takes his talent to New York City, and does an excellent job. He also manages to avoid the clichés you'd expect in this category of movies. Catherine Keener is perfect, as always, and Keira…

  • New Waterford Girl

    New Waterford Girl


    You must be into little films to enjoy this. Even if you're into little films, you must be in the right mood. It takes time to let your mind slow down and match the rhythm of life in a barely-there Nova Scotia village that clings to a cliff that looks over the cold and violent North Atlantic.

    The heroine is an alienated, smart, sarcastic person who feels like an outsider in her own home and hometown. She dreams of leaving.…