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This movie could have been a 5 star movie, if it wasn't for a few problems. Justin Timberlake has done some pretty great things in film recently and I loved him in this. Cillian Murphy also did pretty great as the bad/good guy.

My problems are as followed: Amanda Seyfried (I just think this was a miscast, other than for her being gorgeous she didn't really offer much), killing off some of the big names... Olivia Wilde, Johnny Galecki and White Collar's Matt Bomer.

Which leads to my main problem: Matt Bomer. I love him in White Collar and his character was pretty good in In Time, but not good enough. I feel like they totally misused talent in this... I mean, they killed him off in what, the first 20 minutes? They then killed off Olivia Wilde in the first half hour and Johnny Galecki soon after that...

Other than those things, I loved it. It is an AMAZING concept that had a few issues.