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  • Blade Runner
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  • Cuties


    *Tl;dr: It'd just be a subpar coming of age movie saying Islam sucks if it didn't have the twerking subplot*

    I've seen a fair amount of exploitation films. That isn't to say that I enjoy watching them. Most of the time it's morbid curiosity. Yet, for how extreme and edgy a filmmaker can get, there is always a safety net. There is a fundamental barrier between myself and the content because of what the director can make an actor physically…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    I pity the 31 people who gave this a 0.5 on here.

    Giving a shoutout to Criterion for finally streaming the film's restoration. It's absolutely stunning. If it wasn't such a damn masterpiece, I'd hate myself more for watching this again so soon.

    Edit: Just noticed that Letterboxd has this film under horror and I love it.

    Edit2: Horror is no longer a genre listed for this film here and I'm greatly disappointed.