Dune ★★★★½

I don't know if it's great art, but I do think it's a great time... at the movies!!!

Dune just has such a powerful sense of scale that's missing from other massive, $200,000,000 blockbusters. Compare the slow, steady shots of landscapes, interiors, or spaceships in this with the climax of Shang-Chi, which drops in a battle between massive, mystical gods and still struggles to evoke the same awe Villeneuve achieves here. We let geek culture take the word "epic" from us (the early aughts were a horrible time to be on the internet) but Dune feels like the first movie capturing the spirit of an old Hollywood "Epic" since The Lord of the Rings. I don't know if any of that is particularly insightful, but it was my favorite thing about the movie! Dune = big!

Minus half a star for making your hero the skinniest man alive and your villain an "ew he's so fat, gross, disgusting" caricature. Is it that way in the book? Sure! But they changed other shit from the book, so that excuse doesn't fly with me, motherfuckers! This is my Letterboxd, I'm the judgmental gaze of god as far as this corner of the internet is concerned! All will feel my wrath! Except Dune, which I mostly really loved, it'll feel my minor disappointment at this one element.

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