The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★★

A little derivative but ABSOLUTELY my shit, tipping it up from the 3 1/2 Stars it probably deserves to a 4. I imagine the slow pace is going to turn a lot of people off (this thing is longer than most Marvel movies) but I absolutely love these dread-filled cosmic horror detective stories, an Arkham Horror tale come to life with none of the horseshit racist baggage that comes from straight adapting Lovecraft. Steven Root pulls a "Toby Huss in The Invitation" and appears as a cult leader, which felt especially targeted to me.

Was so creeped out sitting alone in my apartment in the dark when the credits rolled that I opened YouTube and played the very first recommended video which was a 20 minute mini-doc about the making of Paul's Boutique. I didn't know the Dust Brothers produced MMMBop for Hanson. Wild stuff.

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