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  • Aloners



    Not to get too personal on here but this movie is the closest thing I’ve watched to my life portrayed on screen. Jin-ah is an office worker who lives alone, is quiet, doesn’t like to socialise and fills her time watching videos and tv so she’s not alone with her thoughts. She tries to check in on her dad without intruding on his space, wants to know what’s wrong without asking him directly. She’s alone, but not always truly lonely.…

  • Persuasion



    you know what? i’m gonna say it. i ENJOY the fleabag-ification of Anne. It’s campy, in a kind of gaslight gatekeep girlboss way. it’s obviously not accurate (i’m a literacy nerd and a basic bitch i LOVE jane austen), however it’s not meant to be. it’s not meant to be this beautiful eloquent adaptation. it was made for the fleabag sally rooney taylor swift phoebe bridgers mitski tote bag oat milk latte girls with an individuality complex. and i’m unfortunately one of them.