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the best films are like dreams you're never sure you've really had

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  • Demonlover



    dreamy cyberpunk hellscape. serious shades of Videodrome, at times even more intense and frightening. both diligently explore themes of desensitization to violence through popular culture, though demonlover's ideas feel a little less ambiguous than Videodrome's. Assayas frames everything through the lens of vicious corporate espionage; a war over the exploitation of humans worst impulses and who gets to profit from them. eerily prescient stuff.

  • Belly



    oh baby, this one just fucking goes. the lighting, the sets, the music, it's all so decadent and stylish and perfect. Hype Williams distills generations of blaxploitation, crime film, and rap culture into a visual masterpiece very much in the style of a 96 minute Hype Williams music video. it's got the greatest opening scene of all time. it's got multiple DeAngelo songs in the soundtrack. it's got Nas and Wee-bey sitting on a couch in a mansion watching Gummo on a projector. it's incredible.

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