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  • Harold and Maude

    Harold and Maude


    Quite irritated by this film on a second watch, a million years after my first. Fabulous performance by Vivian Pickles as Harold's mother though.

  • Parasite



    A lot more powerful on a second watch. Loved all the scouts/morse code/Native American stuff this time round. I still think there probably isn't a great deal to the movie - which is fine; its strongest suit is its extraordinary formal accomplishment. I noticed the music a lot more this time, and the actors' performances.

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  • Burning



    On a second watch the film's immense technical achievements pop even more than the first time, somehow - and the psychological welly of it is certainly more crushing.

    On that first point: there are some bravura set pieces, not least the incredible scene in Paju with the shifting light as the sun goes down, with flocks of birds wing-clacking in the distance, houselights gradually glimmering on the horizon, and three stoned people sounding each other out in the darkening penumbra;…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    This film is a gift. I was expecting, at best, a smart superhero movie for young fans of that sort of thing - but this film is so much more than that. I think it's actually an important film: its message, that anybody can be the hero, runs completely counter to the proto-fascism of the horrific superhero drivel we see in other films, and is therefore radical and revolutionary. Its take on empowerment and identity politics seems to me to…