Dune ★★★★★

I wish Frank Herbert could have seen this movie.

I think I understand how people felt when they saw “Star Wars” in 1977 and “Lord of the Rings” in 2001. However, I would argue that “Dune” is better than each of those films.

I consider “Dune” to be the best sci fi book ever written and this is adaptation was simply perfect. The directing, writing, acting, editing, music, sound design, effects...etc. were all perfect. I literally can't think of any aspect of this movie that was poorly crafted.

This is the movie that other movies will react and respond to for year's to come. It has changed the game. This melds genre and cinema in a way that you rarely see anymore.

See this movie on IMAX or at least the big screen, or else you really haven't seen it.

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