• Red, White & Royal Blue

    Red, White & Royal Blue


    the meaningful gaze across the dance floor while everyone else got low means that camp is still alive

  • A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice


    why not make an agatha christie adaptation actually about a agatha christie book? why not use her genius solves and mysteries, instead of making something distinctly not genius?

  • And Then There Were None

    And Then There Were None


    aidan turner didn’t have to do that

  • Ten Little Indians

    Ten Little Indians

    the one star is because they at least cast a phillip lombard with some rizz

  • Practical Magic

    Practical Magic


    the world just wasn’t ready for this in 1998

  • Barbie



    upon further reflection, this is the perfect movie

  • The Thirteenth Tale

    The Thirteenth Tale

    I think, if you hadn’t read the book, this film would be nearly incoherent. Stripped of all meaning and heart, this shortened version of the story felt neutered and pathetic. They cast great actors who had no room to play within this short and bizarre script. The original book is a love letter to reading and to books—that’s gone entirely. In its place is bad direction and flimsy artistic choices. This should have been a miniseries and, I can hope, someday it will be.

  • Aquaman


    200 million dollar movie with a cherry red $10 plastic wig

  • Barbie




  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    saw on the big screen for the second time tonight and it ruled

  • It Takes Two

    It Takes Two


    this movie (which came out before the 90s parent trap and actually is the blueprint, thank you very much) set the course for the trajectory of my life

  • Asteroid City

    Asteroid City


    no one can make me smile at quiet ennui and aching sensitivity like wes anderson can