Big Shot's Funeral ★★

From my TIFF 2002 reviews:

Too bad I had to leave the ROUEN Q&A in progress to get to BIG SHOT'S FUNERAL, my next film. This is a Chinese comedy that stars Donald Sutherland as a great director failing to make an epic film in Beijing. When the filming nearly kills him, he asks his Chinese crew to plan a "comedy funeral" for him. To pay for the funeral, they decide to put it on tv and sell commercial time and ad space.

It sounded promising as a satire about rampant capitalism changing the face of life in China, but the film tries to do too much, goes on too long, is badly acted whenever some of the Chinese cast speak in English (Sutherland is lots of fun however), and is way too slapstick. It's a great idea that would work in any capitalist country, but it needed more discipline to work. Too bad. Someone could and should remake this for another market.