Blissfully Yours ★★

From my TIFF 2002 reviews:

BLISSFULLY YOURS is a Thai film that caught my attention through the hyperbolic language of the official festival notes. (You an look them up on the website at if you'd like.) I didn't see as much in it as the programmer did.

This film features three characters who spend their time trying to get around the system, thwarting the demands of their jobs and the laws of the land through small lies. The plot: Thai girl with illegally immigrated Burmese boyfriend get away from town and have a picnic in a scenic jungle setting. A friend shows up. 2 hours, 5 minutes. Can you say languid?

All anyone was talking about on the way out (it's de riguer to listen in on film conversations at the fest) was that a few minutes from the end, Girl unexpectedly plays with Boy's thing on screen...