Bubba Ho-tep ★★★

From my TIFF 2002 reviews:

BUBBA HO-TEP was my foray into this year's Midnight Madness programme. It stars legendary cult film guy Bruce Campbell of the EVIL DEAD flicks as an aging Elvis who now passes his days in an obscure East Texas nursing home, and tells the story of what happens when an awol Egyptian Mummy looking for souls "to suck" wreaks nightly havoc there. Aging Elvis and his nursing-home-mate, an aging, black JFK, decide to take the Mummy on and hijinks ensue.

Totally nuts, this film was a breath of stinky air just when one was needed. Soon to appear at a drive-in near you (we can all hope - it's perfect for one.)

The screening for this film was, like those for BOLLYWOOD/HOLLYWOOD and the Korean TAKE CARE OF MY CAT, attended to a large degree by an particular ethnic group: Nerds in this case. Besides John & Kristen Chew and myself, (clearing throat sound) everyone in the room had just arrived from their favourite comic book store, and they were clearly thrilled by the flick. If you are a nerd, take note: BUBBA HO-TEP will make you laugh.