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  • Rocky V

    Rocky V


    Time for more "Rocky"!

    George Washington Duke really wants someone to punch Rocky Balboa in the face. Rocky actually has something else better to do though.


    The film does provide some variation on the recap fight by editing it to work as opening credits and be more time efficient. Plus, showing the fight with Ivan Drago again is relevant due to it provoking the condition that sends Rocky into retirement. Due to circumstances, Rocky is finally…

  • Joker



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Halloween may be over, but I'm going to keep it alive for a chunk of November. This review took longer than it should have. Ever since this film's initial promotion, I have been intrigued. Adding to this was the controversy and mixed reception it received upon its release. Does a standalone Joker film work? Is it Oscar or Razzy-worthy? Was the controversy warranted? Here are my thoughts.

    A man named, Arthur Fleck, struggles with possessing mental and physical…

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  • Zombieland



    Halloween Countdown (Day 4)(I am definitely not going to finish this...)

    Is it a shallower, Americanized version of "Shaun of the Dead"? Probably. But with an all-star cast, natural comedy, cleverly meta editing, a glorious cameo, and brutal zombie carnage, does it matter? Hell No. "Zombieland" is a close second in the "Zomedy" genre, so "nut up or shut up" and enjoy the damn movie!

    Previous Full Review:
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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2

    Kill Bill: Vol. 2



    Just read my review of "Kill Bill Vol. 1".


    Uma Thurman's character's quest for bloody vengeance continues and concludes.



    - Elle "California Mountain Snake" Driver is entertainingly devious with a good performance by Daryl Hannah and an ending that is so satisfyingly fitting.

    - Uma's coffin scene was cool.

    - Bill... Just Bill.

    - Around the latter fifty minutes of this film is engrossing with Uma and Bill's inevitable meeting being dense with suspense. The fight…