Knives Out ★★★★

A very twisty murder mystery. First off, I loved the Gothic revival estate setting which felt right in line with a classic 'whodunit' story, alongside the over-dramatic orchestral score. Colors were on-point too, with them really popping off the screen. It made for an exceptional visual and auditory experience. The dysfunctional family inhabiting it all had strong personalities that made for entertaining interactions and conflicts. Having the premise briefly follow the other side of a murder case before branching off into another connected mystery that ends with a few curve-balls kept thing feeling fresh and engaging. I never quite knew where the plot was going and enjoyed trying to figure it out like any good mystery. There are also those small hints, like specific sentence structure or subtle common sense, that can give away the reveals early, but only for the minority observant and clever enough to notice. For the majority, they will just have to wait for the standard detective explanation at the end. A bittersweet end by the way, which is fitting.

My only complaints were that the beginning felt front-loaded with expositional flashbacks that bogged down the pace and Daniel Craig's faux Southern accent sounding mediocre. Why couldn't he have just been a British detective?

Overall, I enjoyed "Knives Out". It fused classic aesthetics with modern mystery writing to deliver something that felt familiar, yet new. Check it out and get wrapped up in it yourself.

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