The Lighthouse ★★★★

Willem Dafoe is an elderly lighthouse keeper with a flatulence problem. Robert Pattinson is his up-and-coming assistant with some 'unique' turn-ons. Stuck on an island together, what quirky adventures will happen?

In all serious, this was pretty good. I was definitely into the black-and-white, old-school style and trippy visuals. Dafoe and Pattinson each give stellar performances in a fantastic piece of Gothic psychological horror. Little is explained and the movie is better off with that interpretative element. My two small gripes are Dafoe's character's ending being kind of clumsily handled and the overall ending of the film going a bit too off the deep end. Nitpicks, I know, but noticeable nonetheless. I still loved what I saw and give it an easy recommendation for anyone interested.

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