The Mission

The Mission ★★★★

How could you make this even more cool? THAT’S A TRICK QUESTION ASSHOLE! THERE IS NO WAY!!! 

In the first twelveish minutes of the film I was pretty cautious of it due to one key reason. That fucking synthesizer keyboard shit. Anytime it’s irritating ass came back it sounded like a dying cyborg kitten plaguing my ears and attention away from the film. But after awhile this grating cybernetic feline was soon drowned out by the sheer bad assery that is The mission. Watching this after To’s more laid back and melancholic Throw down is the kind of feeling you get when your slowly drifting off to sleep, only to be picked up and body slammed down to the cold hard floor covered in testosterone. It’s all about killing, running around with guns out going “PEW PEW!!!” while bad guys fall to the ground after  getting loaded up with led like a magazine. 

It’s all about death and shooting people up till their laying in their own graves and yet the parts I remember the most are the quieter scenes among the titular men whom are assigned the mission. Their tough guy relationships are incredibly intimate and meaningful in ways most action films fail so miserably at. It’s such a testament to To’s ability to perfectly intertwined quiet hangout moments with loud and intense shooting from all corners.

Yea man what can I say, it slapped my cheeks till they were bright red. Gonna go watch Johnnie To’s whole filmography.

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