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  • Synesthesia



    One of those excessively tedious films that takes itself way too seriously even though the plot is beyond incredulous. I only watched this for Aoi but her character pretty much just stands around while looking sullen. The "twist" isn't much of one since you're aware of it from the outset. Yeah, this is a waste of time and commits the irredeemable error of under-utilizing Aoi.

  • Little Miss Period

    Little Miss Period


    The marketing is a bit misleading. You'd believe that the film is a quirky adventure about a weird creature that wreaks havoc on women going through their period. It's actually more of a standard relationship drama that borders on the generic. Most of the time, this period character is just standing in the background as if a strange decoration. I guess it's supposed to represent a lingering presence in these women's lives, but it doesn't always come across very effectively.…

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  • Tremble All You Want

    Tremble All You Want


    This is primarily a welcome excuse for Mayu Matsuoka to emanate the most charm possible, which works exceedingly well. It's been pointed out that the story isn't the most original. A young woman cannot let go of a past crush while a new suitor in her life waits for his moment to shine. The synopsis sounds incredibly overdone and more akin to the fluff that Takahiro Miki churns out nowadays.

    However, Tremble All You want excels for a number of…

  • All About Lily Chou-Chou

    All About Lily Chou-Chou


    The mesmerizing music and stunning visuals make All About Lily Chou-Chou one of the most powerful viewing experiences in all its unbridled melancholy. This sentiment is only intensified upon repeat viewings once you become more immersed in the story's unconventional structure. There are sequences where one cannot help but feel deeply involved in the characters' emotional turmoil as they confront the unbelievably cruel world that surrounds them.

    At first, Iwai's narrative can feel too aimless and meandering (hence why a…