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  • Claire's Knee

    Claire's Knee


    The story follows a frame narrative ala Plato: two old friends (or ex-lovers), Jerome and Aurora, and have a series of conversations. And while the subject is about Jerome's interest in a young girl - first Laura and later Claire - that doesn't seem to be what the heart of this is about.

    One hint comes when the young Laura tells Jerome she and her classmates are planning to get revenge on a teacher they think is cruel. The teacher…

  • Martha



    There's a moment early on where the protagonist gives her address as Detlef Sierk Street. Indeed. This is a take on a Cornell Woolrich story but instead of camouflaging the homoerotism of Woolrich in Freudian symbols it's brought to the foreground: a husband meets strange men in a park and drives an American muscle car.

    Men do, and have done, terrible things not because they are men but because they feel impotent, and that feeling fills them with rage. Fathers,…

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  • Stark Fear

    Stark Fear


    If you are like me and take great pleasure in sifting through the dross to find a raw diamond then you are in for a treat with Stark Fear. On the other hand, if you are someone who is turned off by confusing storylines, bizarre shifts in tone, a voice-over narrator who disappears, and multiple endings, well... you might want to skip this one.

    I just want to say that I really loved this flick. As far as originality it's…

  • Supermarket



    Gritty as all heck but beautiful as anything. This, set in Germany in 74, gave me flashbacks to Osaka in '76 a gritty urban metropolis with entire city blocks under construction, strip clubs and burned out buildings, banks and new cars. In Japan there was a lost generation of kids dancing for money on the sidewalks. I guess in Germany it wasn't much better. This has a picaresque feel to it, like Oliver Twist crossed with Midnight Cowboy. This and Deadlock might be the two best finds all year. Thanks Mubi.