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This review may contain spoilers.

my thots & jots on the most important characters in avengies endgame - a 10 hour long movie

korg - i believe he’s from miramar welly new zealand and i believe he has more rights than anyone
iron man - grow up beloved 
captain steve - JOE BIDEN
black widow - scarlett johansson martinez is a narc and so is black widow 
the hulk - not hot but maybe he is 
black panther - i have no interest
star-lord - jesus can’t save you 
thor - i want him to [redacted] my [redacted] while i [redacted] his [redacted] specifically fat thor
valkyrie - my wife
hawkeye - ugly POS
ant-man - as i’ve always said... when ant-man gets really big it’s the same feeling as [redacted]
mrs. carol marvel danvers - BUTCH QUEEN FIRST TIME IN DRAGS AT A BALL
rocket - bradley cooper is fake as
falcon - i have to laugh
spider-man - he’s my son and no one will hurt him
reverend strange - celestial hijinks from the lad
war machine - useless 
scarlet witch - the accent came back
mr. bucky barnes - is he black
gamora - stream baltimore by nina simone today
nebula - nebula wade from zenon outsold
nick fury - legend!!!!!!!

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