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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    "They travel to a grocery store at his insistence and he cares for her swollen hand, using diy medical techniques, like using duct tape and peas to keep her piano hand from further injury. Jackson and Ally sit in the grocery store parking lot and in a low-angle wide image they’re the only two in frame. The entire world is theirs in that moment. Everything belongs to them, and they can be as comfortable and vulnerable with one another as…

  • Marnie



    "The legacy of Alfred Hitchcock is that he is a master of control; a director so in tune with suspense, time and pacing that he could make audiences suffer before unleashing a grand epiphany which made each and every person come back asking for more. This was true even in his previous film starring Tippi Hedren, The Birds. That movie was a box office smash with many of its images and isolated scenes, like the one of crows gathering on…

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Imagine the poor sap who died in this universe because he couldn't hold in a fart.

  • Lava


    I bet Ringo Starr loves the shit out of this. He probably sat there watching the movie and nudging his friends in the side with the biggest grin on his face. "Ahhh, they LAVA each other", he says at the close of the short film.

    When he arrives home later that night he begins to compose a rock opera on the love of Volcanoes because he is so touched by the great act of love between these two mountains.