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  • Andre the Giant

    Andre the Giant

    The dialectics of Ric Flair considering how much dick Andre the Giant must have been packing.

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    Body Talk is an ongoing series of transcribed conversations on Transgender Cinema with Caden Gardner as we prepare to write a book on the subject. This installment is on Under the Skin.

    Instead of posting the link I'm going to post the entire conversation here. Enjoy

    Willow Maclay: There was something in the air with Jonathan Glazer's, "Under the Skin". When the film initially premiered it had a kind of aura around it that I was drawn to in the…

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Imagine the poor sap who died in this universe because he couldn't hold in a fart.

  • Lava


    I bet Ringo Starr loves the shit out of this. He probably sat there watching the movie and nudging his friends in the side with the biggest grin on his face. "Ahhh, they LAVA each other", he says at the close of the short film.

    When he arrives home later that night he begins to compose a rock opera on the love of Volcanoes because he is so touched by the great act of love between these two mountains.