Creepshow ★★★½

This is uneven (all horror anthology movies are), but I absolutely adore the way Romero leans into the comic book origins of the framing device. The editing frequently is structured so images move from panel to panel, with the aspect ratio shifting when necessary. My favourite example of this is in the opening segment about the Father's Day Curse where ol' shitbags (I can't remember the name of the dad, sorry) is framed in a tall vertical image & concurrently his daughter who is fed way the fuck up & later kills him is framed in a wide angle shot. Both of these images have border art which is sort of like a neon scuzz barbwire. There are other little things I love about this movie like Leslie Neilson turning in his best Vincent Price interpretation & the deep contrast of the muddy cockroaches against the almost marble floor of a germaphobe, but what thrilled me most was Romero's willingness to experiment with the image & create something that feels symbiotic with horror comic books. If the writing were stronger this would be a match made in heaven (hell).