Desperately Seeking Susan ★★★★

When Seidelman shoots her characters often times it is from the feet up, but it's not about a sexual gaze or the leering of bodies, but instead it's to get a full look at an outfit. Her lens becomes a mirror that moves from heels to hose to dress to necklace to make-up to hair, and it's almost always shot through the eyes of a character who happens to be a woman. There's a lovingness in gesture towards this camera movement that screams "Look at this outfit!", that personifies a covetous feeling that is most present in Desperately Seeking Susan's role model as New Wave Goddess imagery through Madonna, and it's entirely about the ensemble instead of the body which makes Seidelman's lens feel intrinsically linked to clothing. In turn this makes the way she shoots women to feel like both a celebration of women and femininity.

you can read the entire piece here

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