I bet Ringo Starr loves the shit out of this. He probably sat there watching the movie and nudging his friends in the side with the biggest grin on his face. "Ahhh, they LAVA each other", he says at the close of the short film.

When he arrives home later that night he begins to compose a rock opera on the love of Volcanoes because he is so touched by the great act of love between these two mountains.

Paul McCartney gets a phone call at 1 AM from an exceedingly excited Ringo Starr, and he sits there politely listening to his friend recount the story of the movie he just saw and offers to listen to the first few ideas for songs he has for his album of Lava love songs.

Hours later, Paul and Ringo end their conversation. Paul flicks off his bedside lamp and utters into the darkness one phrase.

"Jesus fucking christ"

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