Rainy Dog ★★★★

Miike's own take on the Taiwanese New Wave, but he can't help but wash everything down with blood & gunfire & violence. Miike's tendencies towards staining everything in crimson hold this one back & while it doesn't negate his assured study of displacement in Taiwan & the quiet gestures & gentle ambience that precede the "apoclyptic ending" as Filipe Furtado said there's certainly a sense of something lost in the typical ending of this otherwise very untypical drama from Takashi Miike.

*Even in that ending, which I dislike a great deal, there's still one moment of beauty. It's of a mother, who never asked for that duty, standing in front of a child as a gun is drawn upon him. Miike shoots her face in close-up and her facial expression breaks slightly as if she's coming to terms with her own death and deciding that sacrificing her life so he may live is something worthy.

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