Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

I’m a big Snyder guy but that’s mostly for his DC work, but I was looking forward to this and I went in almost blind to it. There’s a great start, really builds it all up. Then it gets quite dramatic for a while, I felt a lot of this could’ve been left on the cutting room floor but it was building up some interesting characters, I just wish there was a bit more star power in there. Big Dave is definitely the highlight here, he has the acting chops but he gets very physical when he has to and I would definitely watch anything he’s on just to see his performance. 

As the story progresses I wasn’t exactly massively impressed by the zombies, whatever freshness was brought to the genre just didn’t do enough for me. I really like Snyder’s Dawn of The Dead, and I did prefer that to this, that was a less is more visceral film, and while this film certainly doesn’t lack on the gore side of things, as much as I liked the characters I didn’t really mind any of them dropping off. 

The action gets really ramped up towards the end and that’s when things get really fun. Made me feel the action is far more enjoyable than the drama and that should’ve been the focus. 

It’s all a little predictable but it’s a blast. The soundtrack is great and I’m sure if I experienced the film in the cinema I would’ve enough everything that much more but I’d be more than happy to watch this again. If you want some good entertainment to switch off to for two hours then look no further. 


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