Candyman ★★★

I can’t say I was overly bothered going into this, I don’t really care about the original Candyman films but I wanted to give this a shot. 

It’s certainly good, I did enjoy it and at times it has a lot going for it. The actual film is about 86 minutes or so but I looked at my watch and I was shocked that there was still 45 minutes left. It’s not your typical horror or slasher, it’s very drama heavy and most of the violence happens off screen. Less can be more but not when you’ve got less than 90 minutes to play with. 

The cast is good but it’s the story that was lacking for me. By the end of it I felt it left plenty unanswered and I had stopped caring before the credits hit. I wouldn’t be in a rush to watch this again but I would happily watch more if they get they change to make em.

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