Cruella ★★★½

I was expecting to like this but it was extra mostly very consistently great to watch.

The soundtrack is really good, I was very surprised to hear a song from an old Irish crooner named Joe Dolan even pop up. 

The whole art direction is top notch, brilliant costumes throughout that really stand out. 

The cast is good but this is all about Emma Stone and she was just fantastic. She absolutely stole the show and will definitely be remembered for this role, hopefully she can reprise it again. The supporting cast, namely Emma Thompson also knocks it outside of the park. Mark Strong doesn’t have a lot to work with but he has a good presence. I was expecting to see more Dalmatian action but there was quite little but that didn’t matter. The dogs that are in it are cool even if they were all CGI. 

I really enjoyed the story for the most part, there were some elements of a a backstory I didn’t love, and some events towards the end that I felt took away from it all but none of that took away from my enjoyment, just my overall rating. 

Definitely check this out if you can. I’m certain the younger audience will eat this up.

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