Scream ★★★★★

Scream. Ghostface. The Icon. 

I love Scream. Scream means an awful lot to me. 

I didn’t get to see this film until a year after it’s release, Halloween 97 to be precise, on VHS no less. 8 year old Cathal was in awe. It was the mask that did it for me. 

I’m not a horror movie fan, I don’t like jumpy bits in films, but I do like slashers, and most slashers are horrors. The only other slashers I’ll watch are Friday The 13th & Halloween, and let’s face it, these killers are basically the same character. 

What got me straight away about Ghostface, and why a sequel idea would work so well is because the killer could be anyone. It’s just a costume. 

It’s not enough to just stroll behind your victims either, I love the idea that this killer teases his victims first, those phone calls and roger Jackson’s chilling voice are still so memorable. 

And talk about an amazing opening scene. It’s definitely one of the best if all time, and probably my personal favourite. 

I love the premise and thought put into the film, the backstory make the characters that much more interesting. 

Wes Craven is a genius. Sure Scream can be seen as a spoof, it has a number of errors that could be pointed out, but the film transcends all of this. In my eyes it’s perfect. 

Scream did for me what films like Jaws and Jurassic Park opened my eyes to, and I was hooked from the opening scene. 

Movies are great. 🔪

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