A Fistful of Dollars ★★★½

I’m not one that would watch these type of films, ever really, but I’ve left this trilogy waiting long enough. 

I didn’t want to log this until I had the second one watched, so while I can safely say I’ve been missing out, the story & Characters on offer really are the icing on top. Not talking away from Clint Eastwood, who plays the perfect badass (I did repeatedly think Liam Neeson is just a more modern Clint, has anyone everyone kidnapped Eastwoods daughter in a movie?) and the small town setting is perfect for our first entry. 

There’s plenty of invisible bullets and bad sound editing, which unfortunately I couldn’t overlook, and miraculously I never saw a horse get shot even through they were constantly in the line of fire....

My nitpicking aside, this was building up to something better, perhaps it’s could’ve done with a longer runtime like the other 2 entries in the series.

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