Spider-Man: Homecoming

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This review may contain spoilers.

okay i don't really wanna do a detailed ass review since i've only seen it once but here are some of my fave lines/moments. 
(p.s. some of these quotes are paraphrased but whateva)

• Penis Parker
• "how's your daughter?" BITCH I DIED
• when peter was petting that cat
• "this is your chance, peter. kiss her" lmfao karen is me tbh
• peter and ned's contact photos for each other :')
• peter's intense interrogation mode voice he sounded like a demon
• "i've got a nephew who lives around here" MILES MORALES BITCH 
• when peter told liz he liked her i actually almost exploded that shit was cute
• when ned gave peter the little palpatine lego figurine to put on top of their lego death star :') that shit was cute
• someone in the theatre literally yelled when liz was revealed as toomes' daughter and honestly same
• michael keaton in that scene bitch i was scared lowkey
• when michelle flipped peter off same
• "uh, i was watching porn" ned leeds everyone the king of terrible excuses 
• that scene in the warehouse when peter was stuck underneath all that rubble...bitch,,, tom holland literally deserves an award for that scene alone i was emo
• the fact that the writers made peter call toomes "big bird" instead of "birdman" was such a missed opportunity and i am very upset
• also the vulture is easily the best villain in the MCU so far 
• also pepper??? girl??? where have you been???
• the mother fucking end credits scene...marvel u fuckin trolls

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