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  • One Million Years B.C.

    One Million Years B.C.


    One Million Years B.C., whatever its merits when one looks at it today, demonstrated Hammer was adept at turning its hand to genres other than Gothic horror and were equally as willing to embrace science fiction, psychological drama, crime noir, comedy, swashbucklers, and epic period adventure with its customary zeal.

    A full review of the 50th Anniversary Blu Ray release is here: www.framerated.co.uk/one-million-years-bc-1966/

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The Man Who Fell to Earth


    The Man Who Fell To Earth shows Roeg taking his non-linear narrative approach of Don’t Look Now (1973) and fragmenting it even further. His rapid intercutting of material epitomises his obsessions with time shifting through the story. Allusions and associations challenge the perception of what is past, present and future and acknowledge Roeg’s own view of cinema as a ‘time machine’. At the heart of his masterful use of montage and mise-en-scène, the spectacular manipulation of landscape and light, there…

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  • Sorcerer



    I hadn't seen William Friedkin's much maligned Sorcerer for probably 30 years. I have vague memories of a British television showing in the early 1980s and only found the Tangerine Dream score of much interest given my penchant for electronic music of all varieties at the time.

    Fast forward to Warner's beautifully restored and remastered Blu-Ray edition. For a film that crumbled at the box office in June 1977, opening to poor box office after the phenomenal success of Star…

  • Captain Clegg

    Captain Clegg


    Hammer's 1962 period smuggling adventure Captain Clegg (known as Night Creatures in the US) formed a double bill with their long gestating adaptation of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera.

    Captain Clegg, based on the first of Russell Thorndyke's Dr Syn novels, was so titled because Hammer were competing over the rights to the Syn character with Disney who were in pre-production with their own film based on the novels, Dr Syn, Alias The Scarecrow starring one Patrick McGoohan.…