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This review may contain spoilers.

I think this is a perfect adaptation except for two things:
1. It doesn't quite get across how fucked up Nick really is. The book is told half from his first person POV, and you can really see how much he struggles with his father's misogyny and violence against women, to the point where he visualizes killing Amy multiple times. The line in the book "Come home Amy, come home so I can kill you" is changed to "Come home, I dare you"
2. Nick, in a messed up way, does fall back in love with Amy. She writes him long letters that go along with the clues to show she can tell him exactly what he wants to hear, too. The movie hints at this, but the whole "you want to stay with her" is just fleshed out a little more in the book.
I love this movie so much, but I think sometimes I hear people come away with it thinking "poor guy stuck with crazy wife" and that's not the point (at least in my interpretation).  The point is that they deserve eachother! They are both fucked up!! Anyway, I'd highly recommend the book even if you know the ending

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