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  • La Haine

    La Haine


    aka: i love city boy scumbags with hearts of 24k gold

    a great display of some of my favorite aspects of city-boy, boyishly charming masculinity. like for better or worse, this rendition of teen boyhood although appropriately not rewarded, is marked by empathy and truth.

  • Love



    spoilers (?) depending on your meaning i guess, proceed with caution

    just a big fat...gasper noe you are impossibly see thru as a director who needs some self affirming, but entirely aimless, erotic/romantic arc. where you dont think glusman reflects you perfectly, you take self insert by its most direct meaning and also? fuck elektra? and i truly just cannot get past that... its just not realistic

  • The Mexican

    The Mexican


    i want more gay james gandolfini

  • Kids



    growing up in new york city i knew a lot of snobby white art kids who loved romanticizing this movie, and there is something about the pacing that is ..ok. but anyways dont waste your time. i also wish better films were made about, frankly, one of the best cities ever :/