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  • An Angel at My Table

    An Angel at My Table


    What a fabulous movie! As a story about a life should, it contained joy, mundaneness, devastation, new experiences and all sorts in between. Janet Frame is lovable, pitiable, brilliant and - perhaps above all - a survivor.

  • Grey Gardens

    Grey Gardens


    This is such a tragic story, and I feel like - cruelest of all - these women were exploited at every turn, including by the Maysles. The mother-daughter relationship was hard to watch, and yet somehow also sweet, because it does seem clear that the two care for each other deeply. The juxtaposition of these women's worldliness and intellect with their poverty and the trash and clutter they lived in is fascinating and pitying all the same.

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  • Monsoon Wedding

    Monsoon Wedding


    You know the movie was great when you literally applaud at the end - even after watching it by yourself in your living room. There are so many interesting stories intertwining in "Monsoon Wedding," but of course the central story is a marriage. I think one of my favorite characters in the film is the father of the bride - he is a devoted family man who loves his children fiercely and ultimately makes a brave decision to protect those he loves. The movie is full of joy and sorrow, all the stuff of life. Excellent!!