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  • Pumpkin Everything


  • After Ever Happy

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  • Pumpkin Everything

    Pumpkin Everything


    I could go on about how this is your standard Hallmark movie and how unsurprising everything in it is, but this isn't your standard romance, and for one reason only and that reason is Michael Ironside. Yes, that Michael Ironside.

    As usual I was pretty zoned out during the intro, but I almost choked on my peanuts when I noticed his name on the screen. I thought it must be some kind if mistake, but no, it's really him. Older…

  • After Ever Happy

    After Ever Happy

    I've watched four of these and I'm rewarded with a "to be continued"? Fuck you, movie. If I'm not misremembering there are four books and if you think I'm happy about a fifth movie, you're worryingly delusional. If I'd been more alert I guess I would've heard about the announcement in August, but it was my birthday then, and honestly, if I'd heard about it, the day would've been ruined.

    "So, why are you watching these? You know you can…

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  • The Batman

    The Batman


    No spoilers here, even though I don’t think there’s much to spoil really. It’s not like three Spider-Men are about to join forces or anything.

    After hearing some non-spoiler reviews I’d expected this to be a lot darker than it ended up being. For me. Of course, it’s still dark (literally and figuratively) and The Riddler scared the bejeezus out of me, but I found myself thinking “this is awesome” more often than “this is terrifying”. I even had a…

  • Sex Appeal

    Sex Appeal


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Lesson I learned today: I'm too old to enjoy a non-cliché ending in a rom-com. And sure, I bet most high school romances end in tears sooner or later, but this is a movie dammit and I have very specific expectations after decades of watching rom-coms, be it teen or regular.

    Other than that I was having a few laughs and the mostly female perspective was a nice change of pace while not losing out on the humor. That ending, though.