Snatch ★★★★½

Looks like Guy Ritchie really knows how to do an entertaining flick involving gangsters of all kinds with the most particular skills and abilities.

Once again, an after the great Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels he did and amazing job with Snatch. It could not have worked well because I think the themes are very similiar just with a few changes in the story, but the truth is the two are equally great!

He presents us the most hilarious characters, with the most excellent dialogues and a lot of memorable lines into a very well structured plot. His visual style and edition are once again amazing!

All of the performances are fantastic, especially Brad Pitt that it was my favourite as the crazy gypsy boxer. I think Jason Statham should do a lot more films like this two. I really enjoyed to see him in this kind of role than in the last few roles that he has been doing lately.

Overall, a fantastic comedy!

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