What If ★★★½

We already know that the market for romantic comedies in Hollywood is somewhat saturated, but when it comes to independent romantic comedies there is something that still manages to captivate me about them. Perhaps the fact that they are smaller productions make them more honest and that "indie feeling" in the air seems to make them more realistic. What If is one of those cases.

Wallace just come out of a relationship completely heartbroken. It is not on his intention to fall in love quickly, but at a party he knows the cousin of his best friend, a girl called Chantry and they immediately create a bound between them. The chemistry between the two was absolutely spontaneous but at the end of the night Chantry says that she has a boyfriend.

Although the formula has been used countless times, and the more predictable that the story may be, the plot is well structured, the characters are quite nice and the humor is very intelligent with a lot of charm to the mix. The use of visual animation on the film is very interesting considering that Chantry works in animation, we see all different figures that illustrate the situations in which the characters are in that specific time of the film. The use of indie rock soundtrack goes really well and fits perfectly the atmosphere.

Daniel Radcliffe is increasingly moving away from the role of the famous wizard, Harry Potter. When the saga ended I had my doubts, such a remarkable role in the career of an actor can be something worrying, but what is certain is that Radcliffe has proven to be a good actor and can do other styles. Here in the lead role, he is able to make us believe every attitude and feeling of his character. For his first romcom he did very well. Zoe Kazan is absolutely lovely, a very cute and awkward performance that touches the heart. The chemistry existing between the two actors is remarkable. The supporting cast, Adam Driver, just to name one, were also pretty great.

Despite all the predictability that the story may have, when What If comes to the end it will leave you with a huge smile on your face. Delightful.

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