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  • The Layover


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  • Barbarella



    Barbarella walked so that Star Wars could run.

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  • The Layover

    The Layover


    I watched this on a plane so maybe it just hit differently but this was funnier and better than I expected. Of course then I check the "reception" on Wikipedia and see it was universally panned. Ah well.

    Can't believe William H Macy directed this, especially when he's only ever done 3 movies. Then again, he probably saw the two leads and said I'm so in. I actually thought before downloading this *he* was the guy they fight over, which is not true, but would have been very funny.

    Not enough nudity tbh

  • Thanksgiving



    The kills were good and fun but everything else was just boring and uninteresting. I was wrong about the killer's identity. Saw this while drunk at 10:30 pm on vacation in Honolulu, probably the best way to see it. Still one of Eli's better efforts. Not nearly as scary as actual American Thanksgiving and Black Friday and how hard the USA celebrates it. Will probably never watch this again.

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  • Evangelion: Death (True)²

    Evangelion: Death (True)²


    Watched this the same day as I finished the series and it definitely helped me understand the story a bit better. I think (?) it's just clips from the show with no new footage, but I'm not sure. This is the one available on Netflix, which also has Directors Cut of the episodes.

    Editing is great. Definitely do not watch this if you haven't seen the show, you will lose a lot of the context and the reveals aren't as…

  • Men



    Puzzling and polarizing but ultimately unique and effective. The message is on the nose, but damned if it isn't a great story and process. This is a solid crafted film and maybe it doesn't need to be any more than that. Wow, men who hurt women, how original. It's almost as if they're all the same.